They bought our products, and are more than satisfied.

Monique Chevrier, SPECIALISED EDUCATOR , 61 years

"“I’ve always had very oily skin, since I was very young, with very visible pores. I’ve tried lots of creams with no conclusive results, but since I’ve been using the OSCIENCE Skin Anti-Ageing Cream and High Concentration Skin Smoothing Serum my skin texture has become finer, my pores have become completely smooth and my skin is lifted, plumper. I’m very happy!”"

Murielle Bouton, TEAM MANAGER , 54 years

"“The last time I was last pregnant, my skin was covered with a mask of pregnancy. I couldn’t go out without make-up, I always had to cover it up with something – but the Oscience products made these marks disappear as soon as I began using them! It’s wonderful having flawless skin again!""

Nicole Bernard, RETIRED , 65 years

"“I’ve always had a very conspicuous eye contour, from a very young age. When I discovered and used the OSCIENCE DUO, the results were spectacular! My fine lines have disappeared, my skin is toned and brown spots are less visible, so yes, I’ve become a firm fan of OSCIENCE CXOS products!”"

Maud M. (lucette.com), “MY FAVOURITE” , 47 years

"“Applying this serum on my skin, just before the cream in the same range, is my moment of happiness. A single dose is more than enough, it glides all over the skin, is gently absorbed and makes my skin feel as soft as silk. We’ll see over the long term just how effective it is, but it’s already awesome.”"

Nathalie P. (lucette.com), “AN EFFECTIVE SERUM” , 52 years

"“This serum keeps all its promises, but its texture is a little too fluid for my taste. It has a pleasant fragrance.” "


"“It’s been an age since I’ve tested a cream that’s felt this comfortable on my skin: I set the bar high when it comes to skin comfort, which is almost as important to me as the effectiveness of the product itself. So I adored this cream! Ultra-soft, despite its very rich texture, the cream is absorbed without leaving a greasy film and without irritating the skin. After several weeks of daily use, I also think my smaller wrinkles are less visible! I found the serum wonderfully fluid, so you only have to press once and you have enough for the face, neck and décolleté. It’s absorbed well, with no oily feel or skin tightness. I think my face looks visibly lifted after use, which is fantastic :-) I personally find the fragrance a bit strong, but it’s not really a problem because it disappears quickly after applying. I also love its slightly iridescent appearance – that’s a real plus compared to the other serums I’ve tested!” I found the serum very fluid, which means that a single pressure is enough for the face, neck and décolleté. It penetrates well, with no fatty effect or feeling of skin pulling. I perceive my face as lifted after the application: what delights me :-) Only its smell is for me a little strong, but it is not really troublesome because it quickly disappears to the application. Finally, I love its slightly iridescent side: a real plus compared to the other sera I tested! ""

Martine B. (lucette.com), “A PROPER CREAM AT LAST” , 61 years

"“I’m a football referee, and last weekend was particularly tough. I applied my cream in the morning, as usual, and in the evening my skin didn’t feel tight and wasn’t red from the cold! It’s an easy cream to use and is rapidly absorbed!”"

Laurence O. (lucette.com), “A GREAT DISCOVERY” , 53 years

"“This cream, used on top of the serum, is a real blessing for the skin. We recently experienced a period of high pollution, and usually my skin feels dry when this happens, but with this cream there was no discomfort, quite the contrary. It’s also wonderfully moisturising, not just for the space of one day but truly over the long term. It has a very, very light fragrance, and a beautifully soft and creamy texture. And to top it all, even light make-up lasts all day, showing no signs of fatigue.”"

Adèle B. (lucette.com), “FAB!”

"“This rich cream is a must for dry skin in need of hydration! After just a few days, I’ve already found my skin appears brighter, my wrinkles a little less visible.”"

Edith P. (lucette.com), “A NEW ESSENTIAL!”

"“For me, skin comfort is just as important as the effectiveness of the product itself, which is why I absolutely love this cream. It’s ultra-soft despite its very rich texture, and is absorbed without leaving a greasy film and without irritating my skin. After several weeks of daily use, I also think my fine lines are less visible!”"

Marilyne D. (lucette.com), “A TRULY SMOOTHING SERUM” , 43 years

"“This serum comes in a pretty transparent glass bottle, which means you can see how much is left. The bottle is easy to handle. It’s shiny, but doesn’t leave the face shiny, and it gives you time to “massage” your face before being absorbed by the skin. It doesn’t leave an oily film. This serum really makes skin appear smoother. I love how the serum feels, I love its texture and how my skin looks afterwards, but I can’t stand the fragrance, which is like that of alcohol-based products. I’d appreciate this serum’s qualities even more if it had a different smell. So its strengths are definitely its effectiveness, and the fact that it’s made in France.”"

Maud M. (lucette.com), “AWESOME” , 47 years

"This cream is a real treat! You need very little, it spreads really well, leaves no oily or sticky finish, and of course it hydrates. Use it with the serum, it’s amazing!"

Nathalie P. (lucette.com), “IT’S A CREAM THAT KEEPS ALL ITS PROMISES” , 52 years

" “The cream is a real pleasure to apply, it suits me perfectly. It makes my skin feel lovely and soft to the touch.”"